Almofada Dec CINZA 43X43CM SAE02-07 ref 9942.
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Almofada Dec CINZA 43X43CM SAE02-07 ref 9942.

Blue and gold decorative pillow
SAB24-08 ref 7938

€11.00 (tax incl.) €14.67 -25% €8.95 (tax excl.)
3-5 Dias
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Blue and gold decorative pillow; 43x43cm; SAB24-08 ref 7938

Maintenance and cleaning of the fabric

  • Clean the dust with a brush with soft hair and always in the same direction, or use a dust vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the spilled liquids right after the leakage using a cloth or an absorbent paper, then use a water moistened cloth and wipe gently without rubbing.

    • Similar articles with the same fabric but from different shipping or different time purchases may not be exactly the same. There could be small differences in colour hue or texture from shipping to shipping.
60 cm
30 cm
60 cm
1 kg
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