Agrupamento Box 21E
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Grouping Box 21E

Solid wood and MDF

Finishing in wood sheet and stainless steel
Composed of a square of 40x40cm and two rectangles of 40x50cm

  • Faia cor Cerejeira
  • Wengue MC
  • Cerejeira
€488.00 (tax incl.) €396.75 (tax excl.)

Cleaning instructions
Wipe with a dry cloth and 4 times a year oil the furniture and then wipe with a dry cloth

Woods and Veneers

Woods and veneers are natural materials, therefore they can suffer hue alterations and veins. Por its corret cleaning it should be used a soft cloth, sometimes moist, if needed, or proper wood products.

Must not use cleaning products like: corrosive, solvent, acid or alcohol.

Furniture should not be exposed to heat sources (sun rays, heaters, radiators, ...) minimum distance recommended of 50cm.

60 kg
Data sheet

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