Sofá Chaise Jamaica Nobuck
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Sofá Chaise Jamaica Nobuck

  • Nobuck Upholstered Sofa in Beige Tones
  • Reclining headboards
€3,390.00 (tax incl.) €2,756.10 (tax excl.)
  • Recommendations for use: Do not use cleaning products such as: corrosives, solvents, acids or alcohol. The sofa must not be exposed to heat sources (sunlight, heaters, radiators ...) a minimum distance of 50 cm is recommended. In case of stains, remove with absorbent paper or a white cloth, then use a cloth moistened with neutral detergent. In natural skin products, it is recommended to periodically use moisturizing cream suitable for skins, in order to maintain the color level and avoid cracks or streaks in the coating.
  • Maintenance instructions: Clean with a dry cloth. For stains, clean with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. The measurements are approximate, and the colors may varySofas Fabric: Cleaning instructions: Clean with a dry cloth or in case of stains wipe with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.
180 kg
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