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Grande variedade de puffs para interior e exterior ...

Puff Pêra Dream Grande Exterior
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Puff Pear Dream XL Large Outdoor Various colors of Nylon Filled in Styrofoam balls With zipper and measure XL has handle on top ref: PEDRXL Approximate measurements: Height 110 cm x Width 80 cm colors: Blue, White, Gray, Orange, Black and Green.
Pêra Outdoor Puff
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Pêra Outdoor Puff Exterior: suitable fabric for the exterior in woven stripes Fresh, Exotic Flowers, Ericeira smooth.  Filling styrofoam balls. Available in 11 colors:  Exotic Flowers: Blue, Orange, Black and Green;  Fresh stripes: Orange and Green; Flat Ericeira: Yellow, Pink Fuschia, Orange, Green and Purple; Dimensions:  105cm * 78cm